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Art Department

                                   Welcome to the RHHS Art Department Page


Art Department:

Mr. Dan Hott (email) ( website) ( bio)

Mrs. Eileen Schnyder (email) ( website) (bio)

Mr. Bryan Wziontko ( email) ( website) ( bio)


RHHS Art Courses- Click here!


Why take art?

• 1.25 million Americans work in the visual arts. One in 111 jobs are in art and design.

• Jobs and employment in many creative industries are growing faster than the labor force as a whole and make up 30% of the work

• More people are employed in the visual arts than in all of the performing arts and sports industries combined.

• The creative industries are an estimated $30 billion export annually.

• A quick survey of the top schools of art, architecture and design shows the portfolio requirements for entry continues to be drawing and painting from life.


Art Related Careers

Studio/Fine Art  2D Design/Graphic Arts  3D Design
Airbrushing Animator Automobile Designer
Architecture Set/Film Critic Craftsperson
Art Consultant/Dealer Automobile Designer
  • Blacksmithing
Art Teacher CAD Designer
  • Ceramicist
Art Therapist Film and Video Artist
  • Glass Blowing
Cartoon/ Caricature Graphic/Advertising Designer
  • Mosaic Artist
Comic Book Artist
  • Brand Design
  • Woodworking
Fashion Designer
  • Logo Design
Floral Design
Fine Art/Studio Artist
  • Package Design
Food Stylist
Forensic Artist
  • Layout Artist
Furniture Designer
Graffiti Artist Legal Visual Aids Artist Industrial Designer
Illustration Graphic Designer Jewelry Design
  • Children's Book Illustrator
Motion Graphics Designer Model Maker
  • Medical Illustrator
Multi Media Designer Sculptor
  • Set Designer/Illustrator
Photographer Taxidermist
  • Technical Illustrator
Advertising Photographer Toy Designer
Interior Designer
  • Documentary Photographer
Landscape Architect
  • Photojournalist
  • Wedding Photographer
Museum Exhibit Design
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Tattoo Artist
Tattoo Artist Textile Designer
Sketch Artist Video Game Art & Design
Wed Designer