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Language Practice

Use the site to practice Spanish vocabulary and verb conjugations.

Create an account

  1. go to
  2. click on Not a Member? Join us!
  3. click on Student Registration
  4. click on Create a New Student Account       
  5. enter the school i.d. 7138       
  6. enter your username as your full first name and last name (no nicknames), no caps or spaces                                  Ex. christophersmith
  7. enter your last name as your password (no caps and no spaces).  Ex. smith
  8. confirm your password
  9. enter your real first name       
  10. enter your real last name        
  11. select Connecticut as your school location
  12. click on submit
  13. choose Rocky Hill High School as your school
  14. click on Rocky Hill High School teachers and choose Ms. Patnoe as your teacher
  15. click on submit
  16. click on Ms. Patnoe’s classes and select your class, ex. Español 2, Period 3-4
  17. click on submit
  18. sign out

Log in

  1. click on the orange Student sign in button
  2. enter your username and password and hit enter


  1. Once you're logged in, you may choose Verb, Vocabulary or Grammar activities from the Student Zone in the middle of the screen
  2. Click on any activity in Practice Activities and complete it. 
  3. Any time you want to get back to the list of activities I posted for you, click on Student Zone
  4. You may also do other practice activities on the site by clicking, on the left side of the screen, on Spanish Verbs, Spanish Vocab (book).  Spanish 2 students use Ven Conmigo 2 for the first 2 units of the year. 

 Verb Activities

  1. Once you have chosen your verb activity, scroll down to Choose Your Verbs.  Choose / Highlight any verbs you want to practice. 
  2. Next, choose your pronouns. 
  3. Next, choose whether you want to be timed or not.
  4. Scroll back up and click on Start.
  5. Type your answer, then hit Enter or click on Check
  6. To add an accent to a letter, type the letter, then click on Add accent until the accent you want is on the letter
  7. To find out the meaning of a verb, click on Define.
  8. To see all the conjugations (in the chosen tense) of the verb, click on Conjugate.
  9. To see a chart showing the conjugations of all the verbs in the exercise, click on Verb Chart
  10. When you finish the activity (for ex., time runs out), you'll see your score.
  11. Click on Record/Send Results to record your score in my Conjuguemos gradebook.

 Vocab Activities

  1. Click on any vocab activity.  Click start.  (You can play the games like Hangman if you like, but they don’t count for homework.) Click on Record/Send Results to record your score in my Conjuguemos gradebook.

Grammar Activities

  1. Click on any grammar activity.  Fill in all the blanks.  Click Check.  Correct any answers you got wrong.  If you can’t figure out the right answer, write it down and ask me in class or in an e-mail ( There is no Record/Send Results option in fill-in-the-blank activities.

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