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National Honor Society

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The National Honor Society is a prestigious, service oriented organization, which includes schools from all over the United States and parts of Central and South America. 

Membership in the National Honor Society is based on four criteria: leadership, scholarship, character and service.

For a student to be selected as a candidate for the National Honor Society, they must first be either a Junior or Senior and have a cumulative GPA of 3.4

Students will receive notification in July if they have been selected based on their GPA.  There will then be an informational meeting in the early fall once school has started in which candidates will be given further information on the society and their responsibilities in the society.

Because the National Honor Society is a service based organization, ongoing community service is a requirement for continued membership in the society.  We believe that giving back to the community is the most important thing we can do as a society and over the past year the society has sponsored a number of community service projects including: a canned food drive at Christmas, raising money for the first responders of the Newtown, CT shooting, community clean-up and pasta dinners for cancer research.  

Please click on the files section of the web site for more information on membership, responsibilities and timelines.