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File Categories  
Announcements throughout the year....
7 file(s)
Career Information
2 file(s)
College Application Process
Planning for and applying to college (for juniors and seniors)
4 file(s)
College Profile
Profile sent to colleges
2 file(s)
2018-2019 Counseletters
2 file(s)
Financial Aid Resources
Financial Aid Resources
8 file(s)
High School Partnership Information
5 file(s)
Juniors - College Planning Night
Information provided to Juniors on March 20, 2018
1 file(s)
Job Shadow
Information and application to participate in a job shadow.
2 file(s)
Lunch Decline
1 file(s)
Naviance/Developmental Guidance
Naviance is available to all students as an online resource for career and college information
4 file(s)
NCAA Eligibility
1 file(s)
Instructions for Remind
4 file(s)
Sample Resume
1 file(s)
SAT, ACT, PSAT Information
4 file(s)
Scholarships and Awards
2 file(s)
Summer Opportunities
Information about summer programs
0 file(s)
Summer School
2018 Summer School Information
6 file(s)
UCONN / ECE Information
2 file(s)
Virtual High School (VHS)
VHS Application and Information
4 file(s)